Graduation Date Calculator

8.5 week BMT

Enter the date that you leave for, or your son/daughter left for BMT or MEPS:  (MM/DD/YY)

Graduation will be held on:  . Always remember that Graduation events begin Thursday at 8am, so your plane tickets should run from Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Remember that there is a VARIETY of things that could result in these dates changing. DO NOT buy plane tickets based solely off of the information you get here. BUY REFUNDABLE TICKETS, or tickets that can be changed for a lowered fee.

I will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred due to you using this web page!

The Java Script on this page was written on February 14, 2006, by:  James Alarie at University of Michigan.

Many thanks to him, for I surely don't understand scripting. When I'm done with this tour, I'm hitting the classroom, and hopefully his!